11:11 Portal & Meditation

So welcome 11:11 Portal Energy with positivity and all that you wish & dream. (Then dream bigger)!?

A time to create the next stage of your journey.. always make sure that when doing so it is without control or being specific – the easiest manifestation is to simply ask for anything that is meant for you for the ‘highest greatest good’.

Also be absolutely prepared to do the work.. this means letting go with ease all that is no longer for you.. it is law of attraction and by asking for your ‘highest greatest good’ then it goes without saying that some things that no longer serve us will be removed.

Let go of fear as the outcome is pure and essential and speeds up the awakening process by getting on with the present moment.. for this is all that we have!

This 11:11 energy portal is a major shift for us all collectively and specifically as we are also in a 11 Master year in numerology which is divine connection.. knowing that we are one and speeding up the awakening process collectively and universally.. major shifts and awareness are occuring in the world even those who are not yet ‘awake’ to knowing there is something more within them and us all, are also aware of major shifts such climate, humanitarian, releasing and disempowerment of ego from those in power and of self.. the tide has turned and we are in very exciting times.

Yes there is still a lot of fear based behaviour and to some it can appear that there are more negative happenings but in the 3rd Dimension vibration there is polarity and it has dark to bring light.. the more quickly collectively we are awakening we are gradually moving to 5th Dimension and beyond.. (and this is just the begining not the end result!)

This is a place of non attachement, resonating with a higher frequency that is not stuck in drama of materialism.. it is a knowing of self and awareness of oneness at this point we start to communicate in a different way through soul.. this why we have collectively started to shift from the ‘human experience’ it can on a basic level be seen with our shopping dynamic and moving online to working online, seeking freedom, letting go of time.. it is all part of the process and initially we fear this as we do everything that brings change..

But we are mutidimensional beings that have far more potential when not ‘stuck’ in a robotic lifestyle of control that we have been conditioned to.. those that have already seeked and found an element of freedom are often mocked.. this is mainly due to those also seeking it and feel they cannot again due to conditioning and fear.

Our telepathic commumication is rising as Spiritual beings and part of this is the Twin Flame journey that many are now experiencing and those that are of known as the 1st wave.. leading the way unto a new way of dimensional growth.

It is NOT an exclusive ‘club’ to be in!! infact it is excruiating for the soul yet an amazing experience but ALL Twin Flame connections exisit to teach the world something and to collaborate on the deepest level to deliver a specific joint vocation to the world.. much learning not just by the twins but in the surrounding societies, friends/soul connections, family and clients experience growth through sharing the knowledge of the journey they are under taking.. therefore also bringing learning.. (to a point as unless you are taking this journey your perspective of the relationship will be from a 3rd dimesion).. either way many are now rising and the energy is suppprting us all in this final push to recognise this as a calling..

I have recorded a specific session for those of you that would like to go a bit deeper – please find link below.. to make it accessible to all it is just a £10 exchange of energy whereas normal sessions with me are £60.


This session also assists for the deeper knowing of the remaing year ’11’ energy and helps assist you in releasing all that no longer serves you.

So for everyone enjoy riding this vibration of 11:11 and be aware of all that is and the collevtive shifts occurring in this energy!



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