Mercury.. preparation!

So Mercury goes into shadow today (Scorpio) as it prepares to retrograde..

This will be until 16th November which will give you an idea of the issue that will arise when in retrograde.. including thinking, communication or transport.

November 16 upto 6th December (sagittarious) can confuse and complicate discussions also effecting business dealings.

Lack of clarity and misunderstanding will be common so try to be clear in your communication!

You may find that your imagination can lead to akward situations and deception can bring insecurity. Even something small or untruth can lead to something unmanageable.

Take extra care of your energy field as it can be a time of feeling drained by others.

Make sure your dreams are not fantasies and dont allow suspicion to create deep seated paranoia. (But as always.. (DREAM BIG)

Those of you that are active healers can find yourself being a great strength to others at this time.

Make sure that you relationships are a reality to avoid rejection.. but dont be paraniod either!

From 6th December to 24th brings an end to any deceptive or confusing influences you have encountered or participated in. Fresh information can be available which will give you a different way of looking at things, so be open to new possibilities even if it causes some indecision.

Intuition will be strong and bring understanding. It is possible to resolve and relationship issues that may have suffered or arose during retrograde.. so its about riding the energy!

Any business or legal issues will be more possitive now as well.

Dont forget that mercury retrograde is also an incredibly positive time to go within and manage how you feel and what you want.. it is a great strengthener in what already is but not so great at starting something new or dealing with technology.

Enjoy the navigation.. forwarned is forarmed.. just knowing and understanding energy is already a great assest in not overacting and viewing all situations rather than being ‘init’.

Namaste everyone,