Unexpected changes.. It is written!

As we approach this Full Moon on 24th October 2018 it will already be bringing in some change, excitement and uncertainty and due to Venus’ influence this can still be very apt in relationships.   There will be unexpected changes yet the energetic ability to create from it opportunities and where your relationship may have felt uncertain this can now bring reassurance and commitment.

We can at this time experience and show our vulnerable side of ourselves as well as create security and stability.

Use the FULL MOON energy to bring in positivity to set intentions for more balance and manifestation in your life..  following on from any full moon will definitely bring a greater focus on your intimate relationships and your intuition will be heightened through out this period so listen and go within.. seek your soul knowledge before speaking!

..and most of all be true to yourself and expect love and give love.. increase your boundaries of what’s acceptable and what’s not.

We are edging towards the end of this Master 11 year and it has and will continue right up to the end!!  Manifestation to improve and align you to what you are doing and who you are with on this lifetime journey. Those that are to share your journey now MUST join you and those that are not NOW must leave.. it is a simple energetic purpose in the master year of breaking and becoming so deeply that all that we have experienced is now bringing us to ‘our peak experience’ which will be initiated from this October FULL MOON!

So go with love and embrace all that is occurring now and be empowered with love and positive energy.. see everything for what it is.. and stop trying to control outcome. Namaste – Tracee.xx