Aligning ourselves

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Aligning ourselves is a continuous process that requires us to be continually in touch with how we FEEL and what we resonate with.. knowing that this also changes continually.. and it is how we can see our own growth and what we have achieved vibrationally.

It is therefore ALWAYS good to look back on your journey and where you came from.. what you have travelled through.. and all that you have experienced in that time.. you can then start to easily see the lessons and situations that were placed in your path for you to grow.. to experience certain situations for a specific shift that required probably ‘pain’ as we can only truly grow through emotion.

This becomes with more awareness a blessing.. a realisation that everything absolutely happens for a reason and that rather than just saying: ‘you know’.. you start to actually ‘know’.. this is an understanding at soul level which then becomes conscious!

Seek within and explore your journey deeply.. with Love and Unity a Always, Tracee.xx