DESTINY.. is Calling!

The opportunities are given.. time and again..
It is simply when we can walk on past our fears to recieve our destiny!

Others will try to hold you back not through spite buy their own fears of losing you.. if only they could see that it is not losing you but gaining something amazing..

Lessons.. growth.. expansion.. love.. awareness.. intuition.. peace.. inner calm.. the list goes on..

DESTINY only leads us to something more amazing than what we can imagine.. but it will ALWAYS require bravery to stand up and follow what you know has been given.. it will ALWAYS be delivered as something to work at to show you want it and TRUST both yourself and the UNIVERSE!

Enjoy all that is and all that is coming.. for it is given.. it is written.. you MUST however grab it with both hands, full awareness, positivity, intention and 100% whole heartedly or not at all.. the choice is always ours.

Have a lovely day everyone.xx
Tracee Cullen – High Dimension Teacher, Mentor & Retreat Facillitator.
Channelled Guidance.. Transformation of Self.. Soul Growth & most definately AWAKENING!