Full Moon – Karmic Vibration

(Picture taken tonight – India/Goa.. so many orbs tonight too)!

This Full Moon is Karmic – for sure!

A Judgemnet day for relationships – which has been long awaited for at soul level. Uranus influence can adjust your need for wanting change, excitement or freedom.

You will probably feel restless during this time and even impulsive, so have awareness and be open to expect the unexpected.

There could be certain events and unpredictable behavior within your close relationships.. this will definately add tension – that you simply do not want anymore!

This specific moon will also highlight your relationship imbalances t9 where you recieve or dont recieve emotional support and love. You may feel this energy challenging – accept it is highlighting where YOU must make changes and choices differently.

Let go of the old you, clear out limited beliefs, remove the blocks that keep you stuck!

We all have the opportunity to embrace a new way of being and to keep moving through this portal of energy so we can evolve, grow, and renew ourselves on many levels..

If we dont change we will stay the same!

A perfect time for manifesting – know that whatever you ‘think’, you ‘get given’ by the universe.. so ‘think’ only that which you want – NOT what you dont want!

Also this is a good time for setting goals, new beginings and making wishes come true. Be clear on your dreams and map out what you want in the future (by being in the ‘NOW’.. changing right now) – be absolutely sure what you want.

Finally allow the universe to give it to you – stop avoiding what you know you seek, what is meant for you.. try to visualise what your life will look and feel like, bring this into reality.. NOW!!