Being Shown..

Hi everyone,

Well we have a definite energy at the moment of ‘Being Shown’.. what do I mean.. well leading up to the equinox the potency for change is purging forward, we are feeling it and the collective is feeling it..

On an individual level the beam of light especially on Equinox was showing some ‘darker/shadows’ in people around us or bringing people to us.. this in fact was showing us the unhealed parts within us..

We know this happens on a continued basis but the reason it was so potent for us at this time was because we are currently accepting of the energy and ready to surge forward – feeling in a good place and there it is..

A little reminder from the universe of anything else that we need to just spend a moment on.. and it can be a moment.. because if we choose to let go then ‘it is done’..

Whilst we have had to look within to what has ‘been shown’ at this time it has been a mass clearing collectively.. for we are ready! We are here in the now.. feeling everything and okay with it.. so it is and we continue to raise vibration because we know that is why we are here and we are not alone. 🙂

Namaste – Keep Shining,