Global shifts.. Navigate the Awakening..


This is a very potent time (that we have been waiting for)!

With this as expected comes much ‘uncertainty and fear’ from the collective as does the balance of those that know.. those that have been believing and knowing that this is possible.. YOU.

A breaking down of the ‘establishment’ of the man made system.. that has as religion and many other aspects, have been necessary to get us to now.. but the time has come and the refreshing massive shifts that are occurring need to be navigated with full awareness to support the positive intention and collective to raise vibration..

We are all called in to do this work and to also continue at the deepest level to work on ourselves until we simply are!

We are at this time also supported by the Equinox energy of ‘Balance’.. ‘Being shown’.. The collective vibration, shifts, changes individually and globally.

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I deliver soul sessions fortnightly for the High Dimension® Awakened Inner Circle and also LIVE once a month where we collectively navigate the journey.  Each member of the group is of NEW vibration, having awareness of the Awakening and consciously doing the continued inner work within a safe sacred space that is held for this group.

Please note this is not just a ‘social network group’ it is a professional purposed built sacred space within my website for a group of like minded souls all sharing the journey, working continuously on themselves (in New Vibration), assisting the collective – & doing so consciously.

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Today’s session brings through the current global shifts, energy and significance in the Awakening energies. Equinox residue and what to expect. As always Healing soul session to work within for your self with space held for wherever you are on your journey at this moment in ‘time’.. join whenever you resonate and available 24/7.

The speed in which momentum is now is bring much for us to be in a place to ‘observe’ not fear and to know what we can do to assist our own journey and the collective – way beyond the 5th Dimension.. for this is only the beginning!

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See you on the inside!