Authentic Teachings?

Ego.. there are so many layers to ego to remove and yet we need it also in our lives.. the key is to keep a check and focus with light.

It amazes me still at the level of such as ‘spiritual teachers’ remember this is just a label.. it is how we are BEING that interprets our label.

Still now I have people trolling through my pages trying to ‘take’ ‘friend’ friends that they dont know.. creating, well not really just ‘copying’ my content, costs etc of my workshops, courses or retreats.. this is such old energy.. and then to use high vibration wording is a sure sign of ego..

It would be better for them to sit within and reach what there passion is to deliver what is within them.. because we are all unique and all have our own vibration.. its part of evolving.. the lesson is you cant deliver someone else’s..

Sometimes this is done as they need direction but feel ‘to evolved’ to ask for it, other times it is seeing you as competition.. (which is NOT present in the New vibration, it simply doesn’t exist )..

My only concern when this still happens at this level is that they are “teaching’.. because its built on nothing.. no foundation from their energy.. and this too although will assist in some way cannot sustain as they are needing to heal their own selves.. their fears.

.. and all this is done without interaction, often not even really knowing the other person, just aware of them.. so much is created in the mind! Becareful of that.. because the mind can destroy your authenticity.. and you know when someone acts in this way.. its the lowest vibration because they ‘block’ you.. and keep your business pages active to copy..

Why am I posting this.. just for awareness.. I teach many teachers that are on their journey of authenticity.. and if your not fully observing such things it can be detrimental to your own journey.. as this too will happen to you.. you must see it as a reflection of their healing and keep going.. know that you are truly on your path of light when others try to knock you, copy you, ignore you, do not support you or speak bad of you! Its a confirmation of your light.

This is not new for me it has happened for years.. it used to affect me in terms of feeling senstivie and to question why.. but as we do the inner work we realise it has absolutely nothing to do with you.. and when your Awakened you can then maybe, see it as at least you have inspired someone else.. which is a positive! How they ‘take’ what has inspired them and deliver it is no concern of yours.

As we are in such a profound time of Awakening and those that are fully doing so for the highest good, the collective are rising.. WE must keep doing what we are doing because actually those that are not will be seen first.. people will be drawn to them first.. for lessons..its a journey we all have to take.. then what is left is authenticity because the light is light.

Maybe you have even been in this position when you have done this yourself and you can see what you did yet have now learnt? We all have.. and often when we feel vulnerable or lack of direction or feel inspired but don’t know how to deliver it and ‘copy’ others.. but know that no one can be ‘stolen’.. lol.. it is your energy that resonates.. so whoever you are meant to work with, connect with, share the journey with.. you will do.. It it written!

No one is better than anyone we are one.. just layers of awareness.. so much has to be released, there are moments when observing everything playing out is all we can do.. its the journey.. ascension process.

Feeling peaceful within. 🙂 I look forward to sharing the continued journey with all those that resonate and those that don’t I wish you continued love and healing with those that you do.. we all meet up in the end!

Namaste everyone – keep shining!
Tracee Cullen High Dimension Teacher