Meditation.. a calling to go within!


Yet everything we need is there!

The level of our conditioning to go everywhere and seek everything external is nearing the end.. WE collectively are supporting each other to hold space in whatever capacity needed to seek within.. to KNOW who we really are..

It is a process of releasing everything we know.. not actually attaining anything other than INNER PEACE..

The releasing can seem over whelming but I have worked with many many souls over the years and seen them do the work (I only hold the space), and I myself have done this journey and continue to do so.. and what we hold onto and the struggles to avoid it, far out ways releasing it.. often we don’t even know what ‘it’ is!

We are in a time of New Vibration and we dont need to label anything.. we dont even have to know what we are releasing.. just to know that we are also replenishing, nuturing at soul level is enough to not give fear any power..

My mission is to assit the collective to bring meditation to a natural process of ‘BEING’.

I no longer teach classes for people to attend though, as my energy is better placed holding space and teaching you to do it for yourself whatever level you are at.. and to assist you into the New Vibration.. which is dropping any meditation techniques that keep you external or frustrated into not ‘doing it.

If you are a beginner, want to deepen your practice or have a good core knowledge to go onto to teach then the FOUNDATION 2 day course is for you.

The MEDITATION TEACHER TRAINING 7 Day COURSE is for those that have reached a level of regular practice and are wanting to up their personal journey and assist others – this course is to ‘BECOME WHAT YOU TEACH’.

Both are certificated courses for professional delivery and awareness. Previous students are now out there assisting the collective whether that be by going within and ‘being the change they want to see in the world’ or by delivering authentic channelled sessions or teaching in schools, communities or travelling to energetic places that call them to assist.

There is sooo much scope for this journey.. but ONLY when you choose to go within.. the journey is ALWAYS about first wanting to change yourself, taking action to go within to do so and then you can assist others.. because you will simply ‘be it’.

For those wanting to join either of these courses then I have a few places available for end October & November for LIVE teaching in North Devon & I also have both of these courses available online with 1 year access to take your own time and revisit the lessons whenever you want to.

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Namaste – My soul honours your soul.
Tracee Cullen High Dimension Teacher