As life brings ‘busyiness’.. reach within..

I am feeling blessed and aware of the essential practice of meditation.. We all need inner peace.. seeking within..

As life brings us ‘busyiness’ in many different ways.. it can be more difficult to reach within.

I am thankful that after many years of meditation that this is a ‘normal’ daily practice for me and one that I cannot do without..

Literally ‘I don’t function’ without meditation.. I know how detached we can become without it.. so however busy you are seek the time to go within.. to explore peace and to observe from the inner calm.. YOUR inner calm.

I don’t have a set time.. although it is good to start that way to help you get used to giving yourself ‘time’ and the discipline to put yourself first can be hard to start with.. I simply find myself regularly in meditation.. seeking my mat!

At times I can be working hard.. get up and just go to my place of peace.. to go within.. this is where we can achieve so much more and regain balance!

I hope this inspires you to have some time today to yourself to meditate.. if you need some help then you can find instant downloads on my website (just a couple of pounds to be reachable to all) as well as one off meditation workshops for all levels to help you get started and also teacher training if you feel ready to teach others.. either way.. much love as always.:-)

Tracee Cullen High Dimension Teacher

*I have re shared this from my post a year ago.. for those currently seeking themselves.. and ‘quietness’.x