We are waking up through the 3D sludge..

We are waking up through the ‘3D Sludge’.. even when we have awareness there are still layers to go until we USE our voice and then some before we feel so strongly, we take action.

Well, we need to be aware also that we have been ‘plodding’ and conforming for way too long.. the ‘TIME’ is now.. the vibration is supporting our voice and action & the demise of The Establishment!

The bigger picture of what is happening must soon be seen by ALL.

Not to be ‘in it’ but to view and observe the collective and create a TOTALLY new way of living.. and breathe!

Our souls have wanted this for a very long time SO rest and feel ‘safe’ while the world adjusts and systems breakdown.. for it is all for our highest greatsest good.

We CANNOT imagine a NEW way of living if we are trying to fit it into our current world..

We have to be open minded to know that everything is changing and that is not only good but essential..

We have more within us than the current situation of capitalism, buying ‘stuff’, seeking externally and competition – all keeping us there by FEAR.

Our souls seek PEACE..

A compassionate life of interaction.. of supporting each other to the level of oneness and collective care to achieve TOGETHER.. in a world without competition to know we are on the same ‘side’ without segregation..

..is to return to our natural state.

Positive intention is everything and will be what will make this happen quicker!

To be negative keeps yourself in sludge and others..

‘Think’ past what we are told by the media, governments and external sources and ‘feel’ within what is right and what can be achieved.. for we already KNOW it!


Tracee Cullen