Through illusion.. comes creation.

When we understand that everything is an illusion and what we ‘think’ we create.. we may as well put our energy into the positive and being the change we want to be in the world.

Whilst we are using ALL our energy on the small ‘stuff’ that becomes big in our minds.. then we are not able to focus on actual ‘living’.. we can lose years doing this.

Leaving the drama behind and not reacting but responding is the 1st step.. the Awakening brings awareness of actually seeing this pattern rather than being ‘in it’.

Evolving often brings deep meaningful messages and ALWAYS brings detachment.

Whilst this is occuring remember not to focus just on the what appears to be a ‘loss’ but on the gain.. because without doubt you will align to other ‘awaking’ souls also taking this journey of self discovery.

We have to choose to delve deeper ‘inside’ though.. it is a journey we ALL have to take.. it is simply just a matter of ‘time’.. when in our lives we choose to do it!

I am enjoying working at soul level at the moment conciously through this transformation with a lovely group of souls on the – High Dimension Awaken and Healing Programme.

Next date will be March 2020 for those that resonate and feel ready!