Find courage to do the ‘work’.. Awaken within..

Our ‘job’ is to work on ourselves, to find the courage to quieten the mind and go within.

That’s it.. because WHEN we ALL do this.. ‘we are done’.. we are awakened into infinate possibilities and a TOTALLY new way of LIVING instead of SURVIVING.

Meditation is the Tool to achieve this and it is OUR responsibility to go within and do this for ourselves and the collective conciousness.

I have had also to do this myself and it has so far taken my lifetime to achieve the depth of ‘going within’ to become the ‘CLEAR CHANNEL’ for the higest good.. to be ‘IN SERVICE’ to assist others to do it themselves!

To be AWAKENED is to know the difference of holding space whilst you ‘do it’ or ‘whilst they do it”.. we must all feel empowered to be able to make the change in ourselves.. and therefore each soul can only do this journey WHEN they take responsibility doing the work on themselves.. that’s when real change happens.

“When the student is ready the teacher appears” – then it’s understanding that through the process we are ALL both the student and the teacher.

Namaste everyone – My soul honours your soul.

Contact me directly if you feel ready to go through ‘soul transformation’.. i’d be happy to hold the safe sacred space for you whilst you go within and FIND YOU.

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