Learnt Behaviour.. Now brings Soul choices..

Learnt behaviour is the most powerful thing to hold us back.. often through guilt or fear…

Many souls at this time are having to make soul choices to release these restrictions.. to follow through on the new vibration which tells you at soul level. . Everything your told to believe maybe not true..

Huge tests of faith and trust are part of this journey of life.. but not to follow what you know to be true…. this is disheartening..

Not to follow & live to your full potential simply to accommodate others is not ‘love’ but fear… this will of course cause resentment..

Detachment is also a massive part of the learning on our unique journey..

No one can ‘stear’ you or ‘guide’ you.. for you are your own Spirit and for that the only person that can be honest & true to you is you..

Stop giving your ‘power’ away just to please others…

The time is now.. and when you stand strong in your belief for yourself. . Those that are ‘restricting’ you will come to seek the person you have become with admiration.. love.. and acceptance that the learning was also theirs..

Be the inspiration and example that everyone can grow from.. don’t play small to satisfy others.. when the truth is they wouldn’t do it either..

Resist now… then you will suffer.. only from your own boundaries and restrictions..

This is not about anyone else.. the journey is yours.. wake up and own it!

Namaste.. in love and unity.xx

Tracee Cullen.