The shift.. recognise it & embrace..

So just an observation and awareness of vibrational shifts happening on a mass level… many souls at the moment are feeling a sense of tiredness…

Embrace these feelings… the energy is as mentioned several times. . ‘Undoing’ everything you know… in this process a shift of awarness needs to take place..

There has also been a significant shift in many… ‘out of the blue’ conversations from those close to you that make you realise a shift is taking place… communication has shifted…! (Yeah)… but whilst this is all happening… (magnetic shifts are massive)… then please Nurture. ..

This is known as the ‘Awakening’ this process is gradual and will have a transition period until 2025 (by the way)!!!

In this time since 2012 we have already seen enormous shifts worldwide…

This energy allows you to ‘view’ situations in stead of being ‘in them’…

So embrace this and be ready for progression…. often in a way you cannot imagine!

Much love and healing as always.

Tracee Cullen High Dimension Teacher .xx

N.B. this was a post from 2015.. however many more are now feeling this as conciousness is rising rapidly.