By BEING you become your message.. 11:11 its now!

As we evolve we find our wings and awaken into a deeper knowing of who we are, this process is profound and can ONLY be done by GOING WITHIN.

As we now prepare to step into 2020.. we each start to set intentions to how we now shift our inner work to deliver to the world our AUTHENTIC selves.. as lightworkers, intuitives, empaths, healers, and many other ‘labels’ we have.

We have risen beyond what we were and NOW must now STEP UP and disolve our fears to be heard and deliver our UNIQUE message.. this is by our individual journey of acculimate experiences, lessons and knowledge.. translating this into wisdom and BEING a clear channel is what the WORLD needs.. it is in fact why you are here!

If you FEEL you want help with this to bring this out into the world, it requires REBIRTH of YOU to allow the RECALIBRATION to shine bright by simply BEING.. not trying.. just BEING..

By BEING you become your message.

Rest, Reflection and Replenishment are essential as is a quiet mind to allow you to HEAR, to KNOW and BECOME.

Then choose to actively paritcitpate in your journey.. the NEXT step requires you to ‘get out of the way of you’.. do this next layer of ‘work’ go in deeply to remove the resisitance.. to honour YOU and your importance to BE here and learn not to just be comfortable to do that but to SHINE your light FULLY.

If you resonate then look into the options below that have been created SOULY for this purpose.. for gatherings of AWAKENED like minded souls ready to do THEM and take the next step into RISING up and Raising VIBRATION.

High Dimension Group – Awakened Inner Circle – starts 6th March – 10 days course, teaching over 3 weekends into early April and then June.

‘BEING YOU’ Retreat – Residential or join daily. Soul Transformation & Replenishment leading to Expansion – 16th, 17th & 18th May 2020.

High Dimension Calling.. Follow your Passion – 6 week ONLINE Holistic / Spiritual Business set up course. Starts 10th January 2020.

11:11 vibration is the perfect ‘timing’.. The Awakening Energy.. Code.

Full details and more goodness at