Spirituality.. beyond politics!

Awakening into what our lives will be.. once we can regain perspective of our souls calling to make change.. which is far deeper than any current ‘leader/politicalian’..

We must go within and realise we cannot choose from a broken system.. the change we seek is far more than what the ‘illusion’ presents to us.. it’s beyond manmade!

We must first hold space, be present and keep the positive intention whilst the turmoil unravels.. it may even require another level of ‘deception’ to awaken more.. it is definately not an easy journey that we have chosen but it is without doubt the right one.. where live can be lived very differently.

The level of change has to be substantial now and it will be.. but remember that the drama unfolding is not worth the energy as everyone is current wrapped in the illusion..  we cannot mend unethical systems or use big ‘plasters’ to cover up anymore.

We can only start once we simply let go of everything we have built.. the foundation has to be correct and the ethics of how we live are not.. the current injustice to ourselves and therefore the collective has to change.. dramatically.. do not be fearful this is the freedom we are wanting..

..a better place that starts at the core foundation of unconditional love, compassion, kindness and ultimatly inner peace..  we must however have done this work on ourselves to be a part of the collective change.. have the awareness to understand this profiund change and BE it (Be the change).

We CANNOT do this from our ‘heads’ it has to be from our hearts.  Truth and authenctity is the key.

Namaste everyone.. shine and be peaceful.. all is well.xx

@Tracee Cullen..
Whilst it crumbles.. is to return to inner peace..