Be in HARMONY with yourself..

Keep shining bright everyone..  with awareness you will question everything and recognise what feels right and what doesn’t.  We must be rational and realise the damage we are doing to ourselves by not supporting each other and carrying on as much as possible.

The CVirus for most is not harmful.. and when common sense prevails we realise this.. but there are those obviously that we need to be extra aware of.  The fear factor must be questioned by each of us to look within and sit with it to feel into what is actually happening.

Those that are still highly conditioned will be in the throws of hoarding foods and panic buying, the same as is often done at the first sign of snow.. it is not rational or of collective Vibration..  but by doing this it also awakens many more souls to reality.

The fact that people are stealing from hospitals, the vulnerable.. is again a wake up call.. everything is ‘being’ shown and we need darkness to move into the light.. it is how it is.. and more layers of negativity will happen until we all finally choose to awaken!

It will be far more than the Cvirus scare..  there are many ‘things’ occurring..  and when we choose to ‘go within’ and return to a place of inner peace we can feel not only aware but have an understanding that much positivity is coming through.. a new way of living.

Dont forget that MONEY is manmade and actually the movement and who owns what is also manmade.. we DO NOT have to live this way.. we can and will find another way.. and we are now well on the way to being able to achieve this..

There are many layers to the vibration of 2020 and for those of us delivering teachings of Awakend nature have been speaking of these major shifts for quite some time, for me I have been delivering this since 2013 so whilst we do not always know the ‘vehicle’ of what causes the shift we know why it is occurring.

I am committed to assisting those who resonate and want to consciously focus on their internal journey, align to the new vibration and feel ready to release old belief systems and conditioning.. there will be of course some that you have no awareness of but will be feeling held back or stuck.

If you would like a one to one session then I offer these online and can assist you in your development.  If your ready then join me for the HDA&HP which has 3 weekends.. FOUNDATION, AWAKEN & ASCEND – starts 5th June 2020.

Following on from these levels you will feel empowered to continue your journey with a new sense of BEING and authenticity.

You can look at my website for more details or call me for an informal chat to see if you are a good fit for the High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme

I look forward to working with you.?

Tracee Cullen