Empower yourself with Awakening..

Now.. is the ‘time’ to empower yourself.. to go within through meditation.. to bring your own sense of inner peace, calm and remove the busyness..

We each have a choice to go within or to keep seeking externally.. everything we need to replenish, grow and ascend is within..

It is essential that our awareness allows for more growth, to be open minded, research and trust within.. your core being knows when something ‘feels’ right or not.

To awaken some more (it’s a continued process) is about feeling uncomfortable, challenged and going beyond what we know.. beyond our comfort zone.. this is where growth happens.. fact!

The shift energetically that took place in January showed us that a total transformation was coming.. it brings much for those with awareness.. and I have talked for several years about this time where financial collapse, pharmaceutical companies losing control and those that hold power through fear will be shown.. transparency.. or another way to look at it is the illusion being lifted.

There are many layers to these illusions and the ultimate outcome is to create a new way of living.. one that is of 5th dimension.. kindness.. love.. compassion.. this is not floaty journey!

The journey to our own individual awakening has been intense and layer after layer.. what is playing out now is the same process but collectively.. so know the work that must be done.. we have done it ourselves (or continue to), and so we must rise to the challenge, use our voice, reveal truth, stand together and do so in LOVE and UNITY.

The current aspects of the global ‘pandemic’ is segregation through social separation.. whatever the reasons the impact is the same.. so we must see it for what it is.. whilst ‘conforming’ to these restrictions do so with showing extra love, compassion and kindness.. when out walking speak to each other, share some uplifting words..

We are very close and extremely quickly becoming a ‘police state’ so be aware of this too.. and dont police each other with negativity.. the past week or so, much has been created to create even more detachment to each other..

We have to educate ourselves.. we must each be responsible to at least look at what is happening in the world and question why.. question everything.. because this is the last purge of the 3D world trying to control..

Then remain in love, compassion and work through how we can become closer to each other even through social distancing.. remember there is an ‘elite 1%’ that are upping their game to lay out the next level of control..

But we are the remaining 99%.. so together we are so much more.. THE ONLY WAY we can be controlled is to be in segregation.. DIVIDE and RULE.. this is not a new concept!

This past few weeks we have also seen ‘policing of the internet’ meaning the removal of FREEDOM of speech.. many eye opening videos from several different sources have been removed that give very factual evidence.. when something is removed in this way then you have to question WHY..

There is much ‘fake news’ out there that is never taken down.. infact the media creates is everyday!

Be aware for your own and your families health the impact of 5g radiation as it is not regulated and so much wildlife and nature are dying.. so many masts are being put up these past few weeks without any mention of it in the main stream.. again question for yourself WHY.. you owe it to your self to research.. not for fear but for honesty..

I have said for sometime that it will be all about the vaccine.. please look into this yourself.. research Bill Gates.. because his hidden agenda is not hidden.. it cant be.. because..

The law of the universe is about telling us.. then in our psych we accept it more easily.

The atrocities he has tried to force on India are unacceptable.. life is cheap in his eyes..

Also remember that this 1% control is NOT about money.. they are billionaires.. it is about control of the masses..

In some ways it feels like a video game!

So with all this in mind.. do this research for yourself.. it is NOT conspiracy.. this word was created to describe those that have an open mind and question.. those that dont conform.. it’s a word to make you ‘think’ something isnt true!

So raise your Vibration.. meditate.. navigate all that is rising.. dont swim into the illusion.. and when we collectively join together in genuine love, compassion and unity.. this is when the vibration rises.. to a new way of living..

Power then is not money.. it is energy.. it is love.. it is us together united and oneness.. it can be done and it is now as we speak.. the AWAKENED are not in the minority anymore.. the shift has occurred.. show KINDNESS to each other.. and remember..

When you feel challenged, uncomfortable and fearful, work through it because there lies the growth.. and the truth will be shown when you sit with it.. go within.. dont just respond and lash out because that is reacting from your sub conscious.. your data base of conditioning..

Trust yourself.. your ‘gut instinct’.. not your conditioned vocabulary.. it can be hard to speak of what is not the ‘norm’.. to question what we are told.. to speak up when you feel like your the only one.. YOUR NOT.. we are awakened together!

Namaste everyone.. thank you for your sharing of energy to be here in this space together.xx

Tracee Cullen