Holding Space can be exhausting..

Holding space | Can be exhausting | Take Care of yourself too.. 🙂

Holding space has many apects to it.. it is about being there to listen and be non judgemental but also as we know in these rapid awakening times it is also about people questioning.. feeling unsure.. scared and mostly in fear.

Holding space is about creating a healing environment.. where the soul chooses to do it themselves.. or not!

This shifts that can occur by holding space can take people to a place where many can be ready to question you.. expect you to explain yourself whether it be because your beliefs are different.. maybe they see you as peaceful or as disruptive to the ‘norm’ because you see the situation differently and often it’s because they are still not ready to question themselves.. the ‘powers that be’.. or to undo all that they know..

Because it can be painful and initially seem like a scary space.. and more than that the world we live in is not what it seems.. but you stand strong shining light.. seeing the fear and pain and wanting to hold space a little more to ease their shift.. but you also have full awareness that you cant be heard.. (when in different dimensions)..

Sometimes you see the shift.. sometimes you see the fear wins.. and whilst this is all going on you continue with your own healing, awaken and continued shifts..

Boundaries are essential for you to keep your own space for your continued healing & ascension as we raise Vibration and more illusion drops away.

It can be exhausting.. it is about BEING and knowing all at the same time.. it’s your calling to be a lightworker and yet it can feel at times like WHY.. when it gets particularly difficult when those that are meant to (and will) unite but fight each other.. conform to a system of control and fear..

..and then you shine brighter when you see so many people questioning that never used to.. uniting.. that always thought you as ‘weird’.. they now ‘get it’.. they now too shine brighter.. this is what keeps us shining..

No one is better than anyone and we can ALL only meet each other with the level of awareness we have.

Our perceptions are our own and we must all make choices to question and be at peace with what we resonate with.. which is very different to burying your head in the sand!

Shining bright is essential but so is taking ‘time’ out for replenishment and nurturing at soul level.. have boundaries and do so with love.xx

Namaste everyone.
Tracee Cullen – High Dimension Teacher & Mentor