Spiritual (war)? Are you secretly awake..!

A ‘conspiracy’ is hidden.. This is not.. A Spiritual shift.. or a (‘war’) as mainstream are often using.. has to be shown.. the illusion lifted.. it is ALL there to be seen..?????

We just have to individually want to choose freedom and get past the overwhelm.. to look.. seek within.. trust ourselves and then each other.. Also to allow ourselves to understand the fear isnt what is being shown but to stay as we are!

Conciousness is my choice.. and it’s the harder choice.. it takes continued work within.. to unravel.. release conditioning.. its is not easy.. it’s been years and will continue until last breath.. but the choice now for those awakening is slightly easier..

Because of collective awareness.. the fact that these conversations even happen.. you are certaintly now supported with so much awareness.. and so many awakened like minded souls.. but you have to do it yourself.. use your voice.. speak up and be who you authentically are.. this is not the time to be secretly awake!!

Shine everyone.. its tough I know but the outcome and what has already been achieved certainly even since 2011 is phenomenal.. keep going!

Tracee Cullen – High Dimension Teacher & Mentor