Trust yourself..

Just checking in to say what amazing souls I have been lucky enough to work with, share the journey and hold space over many years..

We are collectively rising and now is the ‘time’ to shine together fully.. step up into the next level of ‘unknown’ and shine anyway!

I feel such a unity rising that goes far beyond those whom I have met physically but in this moment, honouring each of us for the courage we share in taking the path forward again that is untravelled, the one that requires continued levels of soul work, ascension and TRUST.

We are not ‘alone’ and actually never have been its just another illusion.. there are many..

I will be recording tomorrow ‘my truth’ and its not going to be for everyone but that’s okay also.. we all resonate at different frequencies and it’s ESSENTIAL to be authentic, as it is also to speak our truth, honour the journey from source.

Juicey helpful spiritual development guidance that I have taught within many workshops, groups and courses will also be reaching into my ‘Awakened Inner Circle’ soon as well as anything that I feel needs to just ‘be out there’ to assist the collective whether you are taking a course or not.

We must share our knowledge for the highest greatest good.

We are all both the student and the teacher.

Having had another day today teaching Meditation Teacher Training, as well as positive communication with those whom are also assisting this current positive move forward & trusting the process, shared space like minded and more importantly aligned souls.. it is a reminder to be in gratitude for all that is. 🙂

We have to detach, learn, evolve rapidly through ascension and right now we are seeing an avalanche of souls stepping up.. shining bright, finding voice & its to be celebrated. All is well.

Please feel it within you at this moment to trust yourself, and know that we are shining bright together.. everything that comes down will be quick and an opportunity to create with compassion collectively.

Tracee Cullen – High Dimension Teacher & Mentor –