Professional Intuitive Tarot – ONLINE Course
If anyone is new to tarot, is coming back to it after a time out, is stuck in a rut with it or is trying to navigate the new energies this professional course will help you gain your mojo or get your mojo back to deliver professional readings. Very empowering and I have found this to be another part of the jigsaw of my personal journey that has shifted some further things within me and shifted my frequency so the course is tarot as a tool and the course itself has also been a tool for me shift into new vibration fully. If you feel called to do this do because you will find the calling was as much about what you need on your journey as what you need to deliver tarot readings in new vibration. I have found Tracee as always to be an authentic teacher who delivers with such kindness too. Massive love for this soul.

Kate B – April 2021