Professional Intuitive Tarot – ONLINE Course
I would encourage anyone that has an interest in Tarot or Angel cards etc as to be honest I never saw myself
doing this was always someone else I would go to. But now having done this course I am like yes I can do this!! _I
have been playing with cards for years now and just reading the booklet, I never went any deeper than that and
would think I could never remember the meanings for 78 cards!! But reading intuitively I now realise you don’t
need to do that. In fact, you don’t have to think at all. You just feel, feel the vibration of each card at that time
for that reading. I love numerology and colour therapy (have an interest) so learning bits about those were fun
and held my interest. This course has given me so much confidence in my intuition and to trust myself, that to
me is worth its weight in Gold. I would highly recommend.

Kim D – April 2021