Meditation Teacher Training – 7 Day ONLINE Accredited Course.

Overview of course..
This course for me was priceless!!
I am very glad I did the Meditation Foundation before I did this course. although you don’t need to.
But I am glad I had started my own meditation practice beforehand.

Doing this course has literally changed my Life for the better. Not only for myself but for anyone that knows me. I thought like a lot of people I had done all my inner work lol….well that never really ends as we are always learning and evolving!! I knew that, but really didn’t know that if you get my meaning. Now I have done this course it has a deeper meaning and I have a deeper understanding of it.

How was doing the course online?
I feel doing this course online has been very beneficial. I feel I have got as much out of it doing it this way. Obviously I would love to be in Tracee’s energy and other people but I really felt that come through anyway, as we are in the New Vibration.

It was nice not having to travel a distance, to be comfy in my own home, have drinks etc to hand. No travel expenses or worrying about the weather etc…

I would definitely recommend it. its also shown me that I could do it this way. Which going forward is a wonderful thing to be able to deliver and also the fact you can offer it anywhere any country etc…

Was there anything you felt wasn’t covered in the course?
Wow I don’t think so you went above and beyond. Its now up to us to explore further….going deeper into anything that resonates etc…. So much knowledge was shared it was mind-blowing.

Anything to add..
Just thank you so much for holding space for me and everyone that does any of your courses. Incredible Journey and so happy to share that with Tracee Cullen.

Kim D – Dorset – November 2020