Meditation Teacher Training – ONLINE course – June 2020

I am just so glad that I have completed The Meditation Teacher Training Course. Although I have taken myself out of my comfort zone, which I have felt from time to time, this has all been part of the learning experience and that has been okay. I have trusted completely that that this is right for me. I have Loved it all, even the challenges that it has presented me with. I am just so delighted that I am now at this point having taken myself through this experience. and having the opportunity to look back on the past week. I feel strengthened by having completed it; my Meditation Practice has been enhanced and my knowledge has significantly increased, opening the door for other learning and insights to enter. Such a wonderful thing to be with like minded souls who are so supportive and encouraging, something I will never forget. As the course came to a conclusion today I felt optimistic and refreshed, something amazing is occurring – more and more souls are coming together to raise awareness in whatever form this takes and I absolutely Love this. – Marion H. Gloucestershire UK

Marion H