What did you gain from taking this course?
A building on my understanding of Meditation from the Foundation course and this has gone to a much deeper level than I could have ever imagined. It has helped me consolidate my own practice of Meditation, helping me to achieve a depth of personal meditation, I would not have thought possible. It has been an authentic learning of Meditation, how I now believe it should be. The differences to what is offered as Meditation in the general everyday world is quite astounding. I believe this is pure authentic, coming from Source and I am so pleased to have been lucky enough to have found it and Tracee. With much gratitude. Thank you. Namaste

– I’ve been without a passion for many years, and this has rekindled a new joy and a spark for something I want to explore and develop.

How have you found doing this course online?
It has been brilliant. If you’d have asked me a year ago I probably wouldn’t have entertained it, thinking you have to be there in person. I haven’t had to travel, nor stay in a strange place. I’ve slept in my own bed and been in my own surroundings, with my energy without, for most part, interruptions, and been able to take care of the few necessary things. I feel it has been better and less stressful; I feel this has been due to Tracee holding space and directing our learning so confidently because she is teaching what she knows and practices herself, authentically from her heart.
Thank you again Tracee. Namaste – Margaret F – Staffordshire.

Meditation Teacher Training – August 2020