What Have you gained by taking the meditation Teacher Training? Confidence to step into my power and become a Meditation Teacher. I’ve gone through almost every emotion and have come out empowered, confident and at peace. The pieces of the puzzle have come together. I’ve gained so much knowledge and understanding of Meditation and the all the tools that contribute to it.

Testimonial for Meditation Teacher Training – ONLINE 7 DAY Course.
It has been life changing it really has. I’ve gained the confidence I need to get myself out there and teach the things I want to teach and how I want to. I’ve cleared a lot of fears and barriers that I’ve held up for such a long time. I’ve learned to Meditate from the heart, the course has enabled me to shed the layers and focus truly on it’s core purpose of going within and seeking nothingness. The tools and knowledge shared is at times overwhelming but ultimately once you start to practice what you preach and really feel into the teachings that’s when the magic happens. Tracee explains the course as ‘become what you teach’ and that truly is the outcome.

How did you find doing the course online?
The course on line is incredibly accessible, easy to navigate and one of the main benefits for me is not having to travel and be away from the family. As much as i found the first couple days ‘intensive’ I’m really pleased I chose the 7 day course as it’s pushed me and allowed me to keep the momentum going. It’s also nice to share the experience with others and receiving constructive criticism is really helpful.

– Laura Barrett – Devon.

Meditation Teacher Training August 2020