Meditation Teacher Training – ONLINE Course – September 2020

The course for me (thank you Universe) came at the right time and has aligned with my own spiritual development. It has taken me a long time to accept my ‘weirdness’ or now as I call them my gifts and everything that has happened or that I have chosen for my lifestyle (Vegan, Teetotal, daily yoga, holding space for others, spreading love, light and kindness) has now been confirmed/cemented as ‘this is me’ and I can just ‘be’.
I have been challenged emotionally, spiritually and mentally during the course but this has all come from love and absolutely needed to happen. Whilst I meditated daily prior to the course, this is now on a deeper level.
Thank you Tracee for you guidance, the loving kick up the butt (!) and your kind words.

What did you get from the course?

A deeper understanding of meditation and the many facets around it – on the surface it would seem simple but that is absolutely not the case. The history, the preparation, how it fits into a yogic lifestyle and the many types of meditation have been an education in itself. I have gained so much more understanding of myself and the journey (so far) that led me to undertaking the course. I have been committed to a daily yoga practice for some time but I now have a deeper understanding of the Asanas, the dialogue and how yoga is very much a preparation for meditation – I feel the two cannot be done in isolation.

Sadie L – Wales