Meditation Teacher Training – ONLINE Course – September 2020

From a good teacher Tracee, I feel that have understood so much about mediation. It has also inspired me with confidence for the future to present meditation to others. As well as my spiritual progress.

Tracee has given me great inspiration and knowledge to develop my own workshops with meditation.
With the understanding of the course, I believe that it has given more confidence within myself as a spiritual development teacher.

Thank you, Tracee, for an enlightening experience.

How did you find doing this course online?

I have not been used to online courses, and always a little wary of what it may hold. However, I have had no negative thoughts, what so ever during this course, only positivity and relaxation.

Although, it was a great pleasure working within a very small group, which I prefer.

I have found the online course flowing. My only concerns were that I had a little difficulty in connecting, getting online at the beginning at the start of the course.

Gary M – London