Meditation Teacher Training – 7 Day Intensive Accredited Course.
Taking this course has caused a real shift for me! I have certainly shifted ‘upwards’.
As in all things, I just felt that the time was right to do it. The universe works in its own way and gives us reminders to follow what it true and authentic to us.
It has enabled clarity in other parts of my life. It’s been a challenge – but then again that’s how we grow. I think I will look back at this course to see it as a milestone in my life.
How was completing the course online?
I have to say, I’m not a great fan of on-line things! However in the current climate it is the best way to communicate. On-line learning keeps to a schedule which is good, the structure used within this course has been clear and concise. The videos have been brilliant! You can go over things that you may not have quite got the first time again. You can easily add your own notes to the PDF’s given. It is really nice to have this resource at your fingertips
So I may be a convert!

Yvette M – UK – November 2020