Realising who you are..

FB_IMG_1501143091595.jpgWithin..? That’s where it all is.. it always has been!
So much of the human journey seeks externally.. to go deeper into the ‘system’.. the 3 Dimensional world.. getting lost.. feeling more alone..

Only when we start to seek more and truly look within do we start to know who we really are.. and realise that we are spiritual beings..

The process then becomes a letting go of everything we have been.. we emerge and release.. which is why it is a difficult process to navigate the awakening.. Know that it has to be this way.. or you will try to ‘stay’ as you were and you know that this simply cannot happen.. for you are more.. and when you start to feel and understand this you will know why you are here..?

The journey to 5th dimension.. is just the beginning!

Empowerment comes from within.. unity comes from growth.. you are energy!