Those who look outside.. Dreams. Those who look within.. Awakens.

5193933abd77c688e127b5e778e5f492--spiritual-awakening-quotes-gustav-jungGoing within.. create your reality..?

Those still looking externally.. will still make judgements on you and others.. this is reality..

However ‘well meaning’ people suggest they are.. a judgement is a judgement..? this journey brings many situations to navigate.

We cannot know what each person is going through as often the strongest go through it quietly.. often through choice.. often through survival and continued awakening!

I meet many amazing souls that are simply awakening and this itself is a difficult journey..  without the added judgements of others..

Just because some (myself included) choose not to share the depths of life and their reasons does not require a judgement.  Be mindful that everything is not always as it seems.. be aware that even the most ‘Spiritual Being’ can also make judgements..

The worst scenerio is those that make judgements & decisions based on others opinions.. or what they have been told.. look beyond this.. normally its based in fear or competitive enegry.. ‘Old Energy’..

Look at the person/situation (in question), your relationship or interactions with them directly.. that’s where you know what feels right.. if a judgement rises still.. look ar what this reflects in yourself.. release it.. know that we are all doing the best we can..

Removing each of us from drama and negative energy is the quickest way to raise vibration.

Those who look outside.. Dreams.
Those who look within.. Awakens.