Happy New Years Eve everyone.

As we complete this year 11 – with powerful Master Energy lets all be reflective about who we were a year ago.. because EVERY person has received a massive transformation at soul level and those that are conciously aware will be able to reflect on the lessons that have shifted us at a higher 5th dimension conciousness.

We each have released things/behaviours by being given our fears to face and difficult surprising circumstances to view differently that we would have previously, that have also been ‘blocking’ us to move forward.

Why? Because this year has been about ‘Breaking and Becoming’ so that we can be ready to truly ‘step up’ this next year and beyond into our true calling/awareness which also reflects and affects the collective conciousness.

This has been a rare an extraordinary year and by taking some time today for reflection with gratitude for all that has assisted your growth.

It has been an absolute pleasure to do this work together in a supportive energy with all those that are present within the AWAKENED Inner Circle & I look forward to continuing the journey with you all and those that now resonate and would like to join for this next year – which will provide the energy and is essential in us being creative and as I said ‘Stepping up’ into this new version of you that you may not recognise at the moment or be sure of what/how you move forward.. but you will and lets do it together.

Next LIVE session – Thursday 3rd January 2019. Also recorded soul sessions – meditation Library – community chat – available whenever fits with you 24/7.

Namaste everyone – Happy New Year!
Tracee Cullen High Dimension Teacher