Eclipse time!

So again Happy New Year to you all.. 2019 is an incredible year waiting to be explored and is definately an eclipse year as we will experience six this coming year!

Many of you will have felt the vibration to ‘want’ to get started on the ‘new’ it reality you will be feeling not quite ready.. this is because the first few days of January up until today (the 5th/6th depending where you are in the world) are about being in transition from last year’s master year to this year of Creativity & Optimism!

But today the shift will be felt by everyone especially those that are Capricorns.. and the ability ‘to start’ will come.. the particial solar eclipse is very important and brings with it a ‘new life cycle’ that will be felt for some time to come.

Much is happening for us all both individually and collectively as we enter this energy and ride into the next eclipse which is a ‘total eclipse’ 21st January which has a completely different vibration, feel and outcome!

I have recorded 2 different video sessions about the current energy to assist you as awakening souls and also about the vibration of what we can expect and how to navigate the numerology ‘year 3’ – these are live within the AWAKENED Inner Circle and you can join through the following link should you resonate and want to share the journey with like minded souls. I am also live monthly within the group for guidance, sharing the journey and channelled messages.

AWAKENED Inner Circle – more information & Booking Link

High Dimension Awakened Inner Circle L/P

Namaste everyone.