Awakened woman

An Awakened woman..

Divine femine energy is rising rapidly both in men & women (not gender specific this is energy).. however if you are also an awakened feminine energy you will resonate fully.. as you select those that take this journey with you!

If you are a divine masculine you will be well aware of the Awakened divine feminine energy and you will often be ‘lost’ at times on how to rise up.. to take this challenge and shine with her.

There is always a certain amount of ‘time’ & ‘space’ to assist with those close to you to rise and resonate but it is also known that it is soul choice & it is noted quickly through observation of soul those that choose to stay in lower frequencies, choose not to rise up & simply are not able to continue the path together or at least seperate whilst inner work is done.

An Awakened woman knows what she is here to do.. to raise vibration and clear through all that no longer serves her.. she will have such a powerful purpose to follow her inner truth.. she is very aware of her life partner, she knows who her twin flame is also whether it be the same person or not..

It takes immense courage to love an awakened woman as she often seeks solitude and knows her own truth.. she struggles to interact with lower vibrational conversation in the ‘normal’ 3d world as this is NOT normal for her.. it is a waste of energy in the most part and there comes a point when she can no longer participate to pacify others. She will remove herself and have no issue in doing so.

She knows she cannot complete her vibrational purpose in that frequency and will choose to rise alone.. to do what she knows she is here to do!

She of course chooses her divine masculine & supports healing, knows that the twin flame journey is part of the purpose to achieve a collective raise in vibration.. but cannot in the current energy wait for his own soul healing to occur.. this must always happen from within and in solitude as she has had to do herself.. she knows the journey of ascension.

If you choose your divine femine, choose to raise your vibration to release old behaviour and belief systems as she has already done then you know you will rise together and the impact of the connection is profound.. this in itself can bring back old paradigms of fear which must be removed in order to step up.. the union is like no other.

The journey for both is equally profound but the rise in the feminine energy is one not to be reckoned with.. for it is more powerful energetically when awakened than any force you have experienced before..

The same applies for the feminine learning to embrace this empowerment & knowing that she must focus this energy for the good of humanity.. for it is ultimately not an individual journey but a collective one.. to raise conciousness.

So although the divine feminine would rather do the journey with her divine masculine.. she will choose to do it without him if he is still bringing ego & old vibration to the surface.. she can see it it clearly and she will not choose it.. so knows her journey must continue for the highest good.

In Love and Unity.

Tracee Cullen