Personal channelling – my current energy.

Chi July 2018So here I am sat within this very special space.. many of you have known it for years as ‘Chi – Mind, Body & Spirit’ – which has been my Holistic, Healing, Spiritual Space for 15 years.  Now known as the HQ for – A space for creation and also used as a teaching space for some of my LIVE events, Workshops & Courses.

With no idea of what I am typing yet full awareness that whatever comes in this moment is meant to be and a surprise also for me – I often read back and learn from my own channellings!

“At this moment I am being given much as a clear channel,  feeling so much emerge from within to create and sabre, the best way to explain this is my journey over the past few month in India which has been a deep healing experience (more on this in time).. and part of the conclusion of this was showing me that I had done much spiritual work on myself for many years and raised my vibration above the current energy which at times can be hard for people to understand, although most have an awareness that I do work with future visions and launch ‘before the current energetic time and space’ and therefore much of what I deliver can be seen as a bit out there.

My work definitely pushes people out of their comfort zone – which I fully understand is my role, has been and continues to be to teach and inspire others to make shifts and changes within themselves by holding space to grow and shine as their authentic and unique selves..  I of course never plan this specifically but the universe always uses a channel to deliver exactly what the soul needs not always wants.

As I see souls emerge and feel confident to fly I always feel deep within a sense of awe in what is divinely orchestrated.. always being for the highest greatest good and normally such major awakens occur because empaths and awakened beings are often too held back by self confidence to move forward but the universe is using me and a number of others as the 1st ‘wave’ to initiate and assist others that are meant to be out there teaching and leading the way – this will always be a tough place to be but one that you know within is right.. that you are here to do!

This is why for many years certainly since the awakening code (2011) was my transition. I was aware that my ‘clients/students’ were then the practitioners, healers, therapists and teachers from all backgrounds as well as those rapidly advanced and evolved beings that are also coming through as the next ‘wave’ of intuitives and so that is why the work can be challenging.. it has to be to grow to evolve to release layers that must be let go of.. because ascension is not about achieving anything but about releasing.

I am also aware of my channelling progressing (from 2013) to be able to deliver, give healing and hold space for the collective, for groups, whereas everything before this time always used to be on a one to one.  It is a very different way to work and one I adapted to very easily as I trust implicitly the universe and myself to follow and deliver as guided.. the only delay as is always my initial ‘nemesis’ is who I work with to adapt to how I am working… always shifting and evolving and growing myself.. I embrace in each moment the current energies and of course learnt long ago that it is all ‘new’ so therefore unknown for us all but we FEEL it.. completely and intuitively.. so we are guided collectively to work together – knowing that everything at this time is not for personal gain but to raise vibration for the collective..

Your awareness to be reading and sharing this channelled space right now with me shows your knowing and also your awareness that many around you will NOT see this yet, even if they can verbalise it their actions may not yet resonate.. so keep believing and trusting in yourself.. keeping going within for there is where all the answers are.

I do not ‘teach’ you to be a healer, a channel a light worker I simply work with you to hold space to clear and remove what is not longer resonating with your current energy and this can be tough and challenging.. only when your ready and only when you can step up and be supported to rise away from fear to allow yourself to be your authentic self can we work together to do so as it requires letting go of everything we know as we become the spiritual beings we are. Knowing also that this is a continuous process and to so together with support is new energy – collective beyond just resonating for partnership.

I now know that my role at this time from all my own personal development is to deliver at the physical level to world in whichever way I am guided to do so to assist in raising the collective vibration as long ago I realised that my soul purpose of being here.. as it is yours! – that is quite a statement and one that takes much exploring.. within of course.

So as I sit here channelling and writing this to you I also become aware of the souls that I will work with on a more deeper level this month that are gathering to this sacred space to share the energy with me –  I am looking forward to and in preparation for my up and coming  Mediation Groups.  I embrace all experiences, exchanges and also I am in complete gratitude to myself for trusting as I do all of you”.

23rd March Meditation Weekend – which is one I run annually for all levels and particularly good for those either new to meditation or those that keep getting side tracked and want to deepen their practice – I love this weekend as it is also deeply replenishing and gives those that attend a really good foundation that they go on to seek within long term guidance and support to achieve regular practice and therefore continue their journey empowered to do inner work.

The week follow (30th March) is my Meditation Teacher Training Course which I am now ready to deliver to those that resonate and feel guided to help others in a professional way by offering their own classes, workshops and retreats.  This has a whole lot of experience, knowledge and of course channelled guidance that covers ancient techniques through to current more modern aspects of High Dimension and Mindfulness – as all are methods of meditation but there are aspects now within the New Vibration to embrace to make this a ‘normal’ part of YOU and is essential in spiritual development.

I have meditated for many years – I don’t know exactly how many, it seems to have always been there but maybe had other names in my earlier days..  I have developed as ‘given’ High Dimension Meditation® back in 2013 and I have sat on a mountain in the Himalayas and by the river Ganges to complete what seemed like endless 200 hours mediation so this courses bring much from all these years of experience to deliver a professional and accredited course so that you yourself can leave feeling not only energised but solid in your own practice – for we can only teach what we know!

I have tried my best to have a good balance of energetic exchange for these courses for value and appreciation to the cycle of energy exchange that occurs from teacher to student.  I myself paid in excess of £1,200 for my main teaching course and lost count of all that I have spent in my own development as everything I earn always goes ‘back’ into the energy or for my own development or ‘Chi’ or as now known as – it is an eternal balance of always exchanging ‘money’ as energy.. and each time I have taken a big value course (and there have been several) has always been at a time that maybe I didn’t feel I had it.. but the trust within me was what has guided.. again to release fear to trust that everything is guiding and leading us on this path.. this journey and exchange of energy, knowledge and wisdom from within to be our authentic selves..

..and it has done me well to remember this when I am now here teaching others and guiding them on their journey to evolve and to go on and teach others – it’s a cycle, one that is essential in the sharing of knowledge to all help each other become the best version of ourselves.

So as I conclude and now go into my High Dimension Portal to channel sessions for my Awakened Inner Circle community/group I leave you with love and hope that maybe today you can feel this energy and be inspired to evolve a bit more.. to trust YOU a bit more and to never hide from SHINING – for your energy is your light and it is very much needed now in the world, and we can best do this collectively.

Namaste, Tracee.xx