HQ.. Sacred space of creation..

Here at HQ sacred space of creation.. a lovely morning of deep soul work.. recording for the High Dimension Awakened Inner Circle – ONLINE Group.

Such profound rapid shifts now that we are all going through and the world energy is being shown.

If people dont have at this time the ‘call to Awaken’ then it will appear to be a deeply fearful place.. for those that have the awareness it is still an incredibly difficult process to navigate.

Awakening simply means to unravel everything we are, knowing that we are more and so is our journey here as a human.. that when we seek and allow ourselves Peace.. REAL PEACE.. then it is always within the stillness of our busy minds.

The journey is ALWAYS ours to consider and choose and there are so many aspects to push through.. because even when we do our best within our families or even escaping the system to ‘work’ holistically.. (which is a massive shift of freedom) it is still the begining because all of this is still physical (3 Dimensional).

Like most ‘big things’ in life it is easier to try to stay in a safe place or as we are. It takes great courage, vulnerability and awareness to work on ourselves.. to break the ‘norm’.. to look deeply at our conditioning (but beyond what we want to see).

I work with those that are ready to do this and I have through channelled guidance done this process through the Awaken & Healing Programme.. I am part way through with a lovely group but the next opportunity is in March (6th) and is over 3 weekends, one each month.

The reward for doing this is self discovery and freedom.. it is a process that does not then become ‘floaty’ but you will navigate life with a whole new understanding, be able to view everything instead of being in it and also evolve to find your place, calling, authentic offering to make a difference in this world.

I also teach meditation, in 2 levels. The foundation course which is this weekend and a great facilitator of starting to take ‘control’ of your mind.. to be able to seek some freedom by being empowered and able to meditate at home which is the START of change.. the begining of life changing results you have been seeking.. and it ALL come from YOU!

Then also the Teacher Training that is about ‘Becoming what you teach’.. it is the essence of us all and where the massive change comes from within but also what we give externally by assisting others on the journey.

Contact me directly if you resonate and want to join me to share your journey and be supported throughout the process… and YES this is all done at this perfectly now also ‘cosy’ healing space as per photo.

My ONLINE courses are also increasing for I know many of you are also in different parts of the world.


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