Relearning.. Collective Energy.

The individual awakening is one where we detach and do endless self work.

The collective awakening is doing the same.. look how society is now commencing the ‘breaking down’ of establishments globally.

Global detachment is also essential to embrace the metamorphosis, change is required.

We have waited for this for a very long time.. so that a different way to live.. one from compassion and love can emerge.. and then we can rise up to UNITY.

There is still much to be done and each of us must be aware and use our voice within our circles of interaction, places of work etc.

No more keeping quiet, conforming or playing small.. because YOU know what is occuring and its all very positive.. its just that we NOW have a tricky time to navigate as awakened souls holding space.

Already so much has been achieved so it wont be as dramatic as it feels. January 2020 is pivotal in this with Saturn/Pluto alignment (more indepth info in the Awakened Inner Circle as it is a massive subject).

Personal detachment from others during this process will have been severe and it is then that we have to undersatnd the difference of being ‘alone’ and ‘loneliness’ because actually we never are alone.

Now we have to relearn the true meaning of COLLECTIVE, ONENESS and doing this journey TOGETHER.

Sharing awareness is each of our responsibility to step up but first only by BEING IT.