The ‘Broken’ World awaits your intention..

To AWAKEN is to ‘undo’.. to breakdown what no longer serves us.. the manmade creation.

This is what we have been waiting for..

– A better way of living.. with Kindness & Compassion for each other, to live from our heart space not focused on 3 Dimensional materilisim, but to be of oneness!

We are seeking freedom from the material restraints, systems and establishments.. and so they must come down!

DO NOT fear.. for that is what we have been living.. the old paradigm.. this is what has ‘kept us’ stuck from knowing ourselves as our energetic spiritual being.

INTENTION is everything.. stay in a place of LOVE and TRUST the process.. support it by using your voice for the injustices you ‘see’.

DONT go back to sleep.. or step back and leave it to the universe.. BECAUSE we are very much needed to ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE in this joirney of the COLLECTIVE Awakening!

I knownyour tired and I know you have done SO much on yourself tonget here.. but now we must go deeper.. within and continue to BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.. and hold space to assist others.

There has never been so much momentum and voice of the collective.. now it needs UNITY and LOVE.. for we must NOW see that we are not seperate!


Tracee Cullen