Stepping UP.. Out of your comfort zone!

Stepping up and knowing that;

The old vibration gives you the next stepping stone in front of you and clarity before you change, move forward or take a decision.

The new vibration requires you to trust from within what feels right.. then to step forward confidently anyway and do it without knowing all the answers!

This is ultimately a new level of TRUST not just of yourself but the universe.. what has been given as a ‘gut feeling’.. it will always be just outside of your comfort zone.. so you MUST trust then you will either be given the next stepping stone or wings to fly!

This has been so for many years but depends on when you have awakened into new vibration to release this and part of that journey is healing and removing fear..

I have many times since 2011 had to embrace this energy fully and call it ‘jumping out of a plane without a parachute’!! As that best describes it..

With more souls awakening now many of you are experiencing this more profoundly yet still try to hold onto the old vibration even though you have awareness… this is because of the old paradigm of 3D.. wanting the physical security.. but you must now step up and do it anyway.. the rewards of trust are immense and rewarding spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Go for it.. trust and known that you soul knows exactly what it is doing! Divine timing is here.

To do this journey & process conciously then join me and we will work together on the – Awaken & Healing Programme 2020.

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We all need space held for us and to feel ‘positively’ challenged.. to move outside our comfort zone, step up and shine our lights. Both of the above do this so that you will in many ways not recognise yourself.. but be who you used to seek!

Tracee Cullen High Dimension Teacher