Awaken & Healing.. The ‘time’ is NOW!

Awaken & Healing..

Its ‘time’.. to go within.. to allow yourself to shine.. to explore what and who you really are..

Feeling ‘different’ is part of this journey and whilst you have for most of your life been the one that most rely on and go to for support and help.. most or all of them DO NOT GET YOU!

For healthy relationships we must be aware of the transformation that is going on with ourselves, this is taking place right now and has been for some time.

Our inability to have formed adequte boundries.. the ones that mean we have to say no at times or not put oursleves last.. have been testing.

Our search for likeminded souls at this stage, groups and soul replenishment just isnt accessible or even avaiable at the level you seek, everything seems ‘old’ to you.. yet playing small to be understood or to try and fit in also doesn’t sit well or feel okay to do.

Allowing others to manipulate us even through what appears love or kindness.. is not acceptable and tou know it not even for ‘keeping the peace’.. stop trying so hard to empower others that it disempowers you.

Feeling lost, lack of direction, without self confidence is a sure sign of your amazing soul transformation that is taking place.. your isolation will have been ‘upped’ .. nearly every interaction you have will have become ‘work’ yes your spiritual being called ‘work’ but you have lost where that ends and you begin.. trying hard to have kept balance.. you are now truly stepping into your VOCATION.. (I thought I had done this years before I had.. and now you feel it to).

Your mind is giving you so many ideas and your wanting to ‘serve’ do the ‘next thing’ and create.. but yet the focus isnt there fully because of the emptyness that is within..

You will have known before exactly what ‘YOU DO’, even been the ‘expert’, the one that everyone knows or comes to.. but now it can be hard to articulate and define it/you and will for sure have been playing it small!

Wondering what or who you are.. also maybe feeling a ‘fraud’ despite your enriched souls knowledge and extensive journey already travelled.

Not just because of lack of direction but through fear of being ‘a bit out there’ different, (or even more than you already were)!

.. and also it can definately be a fear of success.. a common feeling at this level.. not knowing how to fully shine but knowing that you MUST.. yet aware of what that may entail.. again total transformation is taking place.

The sure thing is though that once AWAKENED as you are you will now ALWAYS be living on the edge of your comfort zone.. the unknowing and continued change.. for this is the NEW VIBRATION.. it is a place of BEING and evolving through and beyond time and space.. our infinate souls know this and we know FULLY just what being a spiritial being living a human existance truly is.. even though we now need to look at this more deeply and process everything we KNOW into the HEART SPACE.. feel it and then BECOME IT.

It is apparent through my own journey which continues through this process that we get to a point of ‘calling’ to shift considerably at this point.. which is at the deepest level of renewal.. a total recalibration.. a sense of leaving everything we know to STEP UP.. yet it feels strange knowing that already the depth of work you have done on yourself that you have more to do.. because its not the doing it ‘on you’ its WITHIN YOU and you will and must continue to do as you feel called.

To rise up to BE requires sitting deeply within whilst space is held for all that has remainined through the conditioning (not yet realised), your sense of loyalty in letting go, resistance (can be many things), how to have space held for you as you are the one to always hold it for others! And the deepest fear of being, feeling vulnerable.

Yet we know.. ITS TIME.. to be able to reach into what I describe as your raw state.. which is also your purest form of conciousness.. to allow your authentic soul to SHINE as it has been screaming to do for so long.. yet each time you try you hold back as NO ONE ‘gets you’ or your so afraid of being EGO.. which is not you or how you want to be perceived.

The thing is.. at this level you are simply trying to build a more PEACEFUL life and have NO AGENDA.. but dependant on other peoples awarness and judgement YOU MOSTLY cannot be seen for this level of purity.

This ‘NEW THING’ that you feel to start.. (that keeps changing)!.. will come but only when you have spent time, energy amd love on YOU.

It is something within you.. to release to BECOME.. it is a sheding of layers (even if you thought there werent anymore to shed).. there are!

The Awaken and Healing programme is a channelled process that is about exploring all that is… current energy and observing the physical impact and 3 dimensional realm to 5th dimesnion and beyond, feeling deeply into ourselves because the only way to reach the raw state is to FEEL it.. to empower, find you at your deepest level and BECOME the power within.. to learn how go show ‘non violence’ to yourself, to be vulnerable yet shine even brighter and to work deeply at soul level through becoming the clear channel in the NEW VIBRATION..

Understanding the magnetic influence within, the earth, ourselves and beyond.. feeling into sacred geometry and the essential whole process it to BE.. a very simply fact inded.. yet our journey there has been halted.. felr like it stopped.. by oursleves..

Just because of trying to do it all on our own.. and you can.. for sure.. (I did).. but it drags itself out.. takes several years of plodding through the layers (the current vibration is sending much to navigate).. the residue that is sent and doing so whilst no one around you gets it or you.. (which is the old energy)…

..the new is to do it together at a level where those present are ALL of the same vibational awareness and each may have a different ‘story’ ir ‘label’ but the essence of awareness at this level is the same..

How REFRESHING to also be amonsgt others that are also ‘doing’ and ‘feeling’ as you are.. and whilst you may not currently believe that.. TRUST that it is so.. that you are reading this for a reason and NOW is your calling.. to delve deeper into you through this Awaken and Healing process.. give yourself permission to do this and at all cost PUT YOURSELF first because if you dont this feeling of OVERWHELM will continue.. and you are meant to SHINE..


I look forward to working with you if you resonate in March 2020.. YOU are the light and you are the CHANGE that is needed.. known as 1st and 2nd wave spiritual beings leading the way.. shining light to assist others.. we are ALL doing so without any previous navigation.. it is ALL NEW.. and thats why we can feel ‘temporarely lost’.. but we must do this work on ourselves to keep going to all that is now upon us.. WE HAVE NEVER had this level of awarness, energy, frequency before! xx

Created in Love and Unity,


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