You are not there to be mistreated..

Being your Authentic Self.. only you can be this!

No one else can ‘judge’ you on being Authentic as it would only be their opinion..

As long as you continue with Integretiy you will be Authentic.. it isn’t something you show others.. you simply are.

How others choose to behave is no reflection of you.. but you can remove yourself from situations, people & communication.

When people’s need of you has shifted it can be a true example of manipulation of others surrounding you.. an amazing shift in how others do or don’t interact with you.. often because of their behaviour & choices, but we are all responsible for our own choices.. no one else!

Continue though to help and assist others.. keep doing what your doing and shine!

Have boundries.. you are not there to be mis treated and then called on when needed again.

So show your Vulnerbility, be Transparent, Authentic and do all of this with Integreity.

Each soul will behave how they choose.. we each define ourselves by how we interact, behave and judge each other.

Many of you are amazing healers and teachers and this part of the journey is very real.. and each of you have or are experiencing different levels of this at the moment.. keep doing what you do. Keep shining!

Tracee Cullen.