Consciousness is Energy.. Choose your Awakening path & heal to ascension.

Finally the film is coming.. The-1-Field.. by many of the ‘Kyron’ team.. its bringing through..

Conciousness is ENERGY.. & can be measured.
What we ‘think’ collectively affects conciousness..

We are so much more connected to the Magetic fileld than we realise!

If this resonates.. then my High Dimension® Awaken & Healing Programme – 10 days – brings this awareness through and helps us as individuals to awaken and heal.

Through experimential sessions using magnetics, awareness of the sub concious and concious behaviour of ourselves we go deeper and become freerer.. we address our ‘feelings’ and what our ‘raw state is’ we learn to look at our vulnerability not hide from it. We choose to face fear and disolve it and rise because fear is actually nothing when faced.. a false energy that keeps us ‘stuck’.. it is a ‘mind’ set.

We choose to explore our full potentional throughout the HDA&HP and choose to heal within to regain ourselves and truly ‘find oursleves’ and what we are left with is an authentic soul that has done the work on yourself and stripped back & seen through the layers of conditioning that your tired of and no longer want to have or participate or waste time on!

Together we clear through what I call the 3D ‘sludge’ to physically move beyond into trusting the higher consciousness, intuitive inner guidance and knowing on a deeper level what feeds your soul.

It is for sure life changing! I look forward to working with you for my 2020 course that commences 7th March 2020.


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