The picture that sums up the imbalance of wealth in brition.. my take on the Awakening!

Seeing this picture (below), post, media report this morning.. reminds me of an image I still hold landing into Mubai airport.. as you descend you see the reality in a visual thats stays with you.. you cant really beilieve the extreme contrast and its life changing for those that are awakend to feel deeply & ‘see’ as an empath.

One area of miles of slums leads up to begin/shared wall space of the most expensive Italian shops and shopping area. Its harsh and as the London picture also shows something WE have all let happen..

Now is the time.. enough of us have awoken to the point where action is starting to take place.

Even (or again).. those who dont have much are stepping up and those with much are not feeling as ‘satisfied’ with their materialism any more.. all questioning life but maybe for different reasons!

The impact on me to ‘do better’ since and before this Mumbai vision (I have never in all my years in India actually stopped in Mumbai longer than a transfer) has been to take what I can and do what I can at ‘grass roots’..

I have collected and flown to places of need, assisted in schools, slums and so many places at ground level, road workers, isolated childrens, breadline family situtions, flood victims, building sites for families, created events to raise funds for homeless but more importantly tried to raise awareness.. along with our own personal journey ‘struggle’ with money is what initiates this call to help.

It is NEVER about ‘the good’ we do as individuals but about the awareness of reaching others to awaken.. to ‘see’ to also want to make and be the change. To realise that we are all one and ONLY circumstance makes the difference of our lives and poverty.

Another influence was when I was managing a team in Greece, one of the woman was south african and her conversations of how life was and the enormity of change (lack of is still remint now).. how when it came to ‘voting’ there would be a stream if limos pull up (even and particularly in the extreme areas of struggle) to offer each house a colour TV for their agreed vote. Bribery.. and is that really any diferent today in 2019?

For her growning up as a ‘white’ South African had its implications, segregation and profound impact on me too as a ‘listener’ obsrevant of the empathic situation.. and still I look at the amazing insight of Bob Geldof and ‘Do they know its Christmas’.. Band Aid.. what an amazing achievement.. and yet how can we possibly still have this level of famine?

Because of government, capitalism, control and fear.. until WE change.. nothing will.. until we take action in saying no more!

Who is it that collects in a moments notice for hardships, natutal disasters, children in need, who funds the lottery?, how about those situations that impact us personally and we have to reach out and ask for ‘fund me’ and create ‘fund pages’ to help in dire situations, but we do!

..Who is it that formed the instant the best possible ground suport for grenfield fire disaster, the London riots (whilst the media/institution focused on blacking out to reoort it), just some of the awareness that we are at SOURCE caring individuals all empathic who ARE and WILL make a difference.

So.. we already know that we can and do what is needed.. we can and do survive disaters (together), we have the deepset compassion and we already know how to feel and realise we are empathic.. which JUST need to STOP providing to an establishment that takes these resources away.. keeps us struggling and has the ‘divide and rule’ applied to keep us in fear and controllable.

We dont have to ‘work’ in unecessary roles ALL the hours we can to create this manmade facade and pushing around paper money game.. to be held so fearful of having food, shelter and warmth to survive and entering a ‘busy’ system to keep us having our whole lifetimes to achieve this.. to keep us so far away from our Souls calling.. to unite, to feel pleasure from seeing oursleves and others succeed in health, being and raising vibration.

The ‘tide’ is turning and the alignments to support this are NOW.. the massive change is upon us and those that have worked so hard on themselves and to assist others can finalling breathe.. there is still.much to dine and a whole new ‘way of living’ to create when we are done the level that can rebuild.

For now observe the financial collapse of structures and manmade systems that we have rightly or wrongly held up there as a guide to ‘success’.. yet we now see with clarity it is ALL a manade, system made of EGO and kept there by being FEAR based which runs on ‘printed paper money’ from a factory that keeps us far from freedom, knowing oursleves and trusting our intuition. The signs have always been there for instance.. it wasnt called the ‘rat race’ by mistake..

So now we must learn our lessons of not trusting ourselves and for not embracing adversity to survive through UNITY and supporting each other. To have got so ‘external’ of ourselves to be unable ro reach within.. but now we can!

Yes there are many ‘unawakened’ by that meaning are to NOT YET ‘see’ or ‘feel’ this through adverse conditioning and inability to ‘think outside the box’.. to be able to be ‘concious’ but si well ‘trainined by society’ to conform, act and live as a human being from a sub concious patterning of reapeated behaviour. Sounds patronisinh but yhebtruuth is these souks can and will awaken to find themselves amd realise they are SOUL.. and this journey is hard and has many layers, adjustment and realignment into ‘society’ and what that even means!

Much ‘thought’ for the day here and all must be processed to the ‘heart space’ before action or we have learnt nothing!

This has been some of my journey and also content through the @H
High Dimesion Awakening & Healing 10 day over 3 weekends prgramme.. to assist in clearing through the illusions and finding yourselves to align and emerge with empowerment to ‘Be the change we want to see in the world’.. Mahatma Gandhi

Dont THINK.. but FEEL and you cannot go wrong!

Much love as always, @tracee cullen High Dimension Teacher & Mentor

Here is the link to the origional yahoo story..

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