Energy Video Update December 2019..

Energy update December 2019 & Spiritual overview of ‘conscious’ current awareness for the collective. 

We have a very potent day 12th December brings us the Full Moon in Gemini & the collective rising within us to make conscious decisions is being shown and deeply felt.

As we are aware of the UK voting day (12th) along with the Full Moon, many are feeling unsettled. This will be the the last Full Moon of the year also the decade..! So as we are well into the end of the year.. we are feeling the end of the decade energy’! Much to be considered and felt and as we ALL ‘up our game’ to live a more conscious life we will do so by continuing to work on ourselves to become the change we a=want to see.

PLEASE NOTE: that this is a short brief overview of energy and my FULL December Energy update, is recorded separately as a Video & recorded Audio as well as a extra Meditation audio which is available through my AWAKENED Inner Circle ONLINE Group – the exchange is just £60 for 4 months (saves £20).

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