Extraordinary moment.. breakthrough..

Extraordinary Full Moon.. as is the Energy & planetary alignments at this time.

Such depth at this moment for humanity.

Our rise in Consciousness is about to take on a whole new level.

We have been talking about this shift for a very long time and now we must live it fully.. go with the flow with positivity of what we know which is to release into the recalibration of structure, leadership, governments, financial institutions, economy, pharmaceutical companies, media… as within it is what we have asked for, to create a NEW WAY of living..

Much of our struggle both personally and spiritually has been to get to this point.. in a world where resistance has been so hard to breakthrough because it has been FEAR led..

We are seeking FREEDOM.. to live in an authentic way.. to reach out as ‘one’.. to do what we love and make a difference in this world..

..to bring balance to world where homelessness and famine are history..

We can and have already witnessed in the past few years some significant changes in power throughout the world.. where shocking choices have caused a breakdown in trust and transparency has been giving us an insight into what was once hidden.

Massive structure ripples have been caused through choices and decisions that ‘go against’ the grain of our souls.. causing us as individuals to speak up..

This is all part of the recalibration.. and causing the shift and change in ‘power’.. individuals speaking up and being heard.. we are no longer accepting what we are told.. we are questioning everything.

The process has begun where we are standing up as individuals and collectively to support ‘what is right’ for humanity and then choosing and ‘being the change we want to see in the world’.

We realise NOW that we must be the change.. not give our power away, or support what we don’t authentically believe in and we most definitely cannot expect others to create change.. we must BE IT.

Our previous expectations of what we want has been to ask others to do it.. even blame others when not achieved and even those in power for not doing it.. when it has to come from within..

Realisation that each of us have such profound empowerment and that together we can change the world.. it is no longer a fantasy.. it is reality..

The universe has been awaiting this moment when we realise we have this power.. simply because we are the energy.. and collectively we are one.. and so it is.. whilst our full awareness and integration of this will take ‘time’ we at least understand the concept and FEEL it.

Our own personal journey has been intense this past decade of continual growth through hardship, challenges and shedding of continuous layers – many old beliefs, sub consciousness behaviours and we have done this and we have risen at each point to have another level of awareness.

We also know that we will never stop growing and those that have done this intense work on themselves know that it never stops and the collective supportive ENERGY of other awakened souls is essential to keep the equilibrium through this stage of rising within.. the NEW Paradigm.

We aren’t just ‘awakening’ we are evolving and that is a whole new thing.. think monkey to man! We are changing our constitution how we eat, function, communicate.. this evolving began a long time ago.. it has been gradual but consistent shifting with awareness.. mentally, emotionally & physically.

The leap from 3D to 5D is significant to how we function, appear, behave.. and don’t forget 4D.. that moment of growth when we absolutely know ourselves as ‘Spiritual beings’.. our energetic beings are vibrating at a different frequency and we are aligning continuously.

Our choices transform with awareness of who WE are.. that we are not separate.. having CLARITY that GAIA is not separate and that out fierce protection of the earth comes from within.. knowing its our source of strength, breath, life.

..of course as I have said endlessly to those that I have been privileged to assist through much of this transformation.. the 5th Dimension.. is just the beginning!

..and know we are ‘seeing’ this as truth!

Let’s step forward whilst still being ‘present’.. essential by the way..!

As we explore those deeper aspects of ‘time’ as an illusion.. and what that really means..

Those that already experience astral travel have some internal knowing and as our perceptions of our reality transform even more.. we can but be aware of this incredible moment to be alive.. to be ‘in service’..

This is the beginning everyone.. the journey ‘home’.. creating ‘IT’ here.. BEING IT.. and essentially LIVING IT..

The communication and channeling between dimensions has for me been totally different since 2013.. having previously worked as a medium, and with guides this was profound to make this transition.. many describe it as ‘gone’.. no its just more direct and we are realising that we ‘are’.. so therefore do not need external influence or communication.

For those making this transition and want guidance then you are welcome to attend my next ‘channelling in the NEW Vibration’ workshop – experiential and practical to empower you to BE the channel.



Ttacee Cullen – www.traceecullen.com