Introverts.. Gently shaking the world!

In a gentle way we can shake the world’ – Mahatma Gandhi

For ALL the Intuitives, empaths, light workers and game changers.. this will resonate..

Throughout life needing time alone to recharge, finding brash loud situations often too much.. especially whilst enjoying socialising and you will have done your fair share.. but feel to withdraw often.. you will have had just a few friends that you will have truly shown your soul to.. the calling within will have been strong to do things differently even when not realising why..  your ability to attract people wherever you go to seek your help or off load to you their deepest problems but maybe to not necessarily include you.. and when you do allow yourself to let go.. you may be consciously aware of ‘not fitting in’.. yet you observe everything and ‘feel’ everything..

For the extroverts..  this is what has been gently brewing away in the collective.. Conciousness.. the core of the space being held by introverts for awakening Energies.

For those that have thought your whole life that you ‘didn’t fit in’ that you were different.. when you tried to be apart of the crowd but felt uncomfortable at soul level,  when everyone had thought you ‘weird’ with your awareness, perceptions of life & yet they felt drawn to you for wisdom, calm, to ask of your help, to bring them clarity and then leave again.. this has ALWAYS been your strength.

It is only now that you realise it is to be celebrated!  We spend our whole lives as introverts, trying to fit in.. yet when we realise the strength we can celebrate that we are unique and what our magical essence is.. we then spend our lives consciously assisting extroverts to find their way ‘within’..!

The harmony within society is to know your inner strength, to dare to be different and to grow to use your voice.. gentley we can shake the world!  … and we are!

Tracee Cullen