Consciously outgrowing people & versions of ourselves..

Consciously choosing every aspect of your life..  is what we call awakening.

When we realise not only that we dont resonate with certain situations, people or surroundings but because we are conscious we can have courage to create change.

It is ESSENTIAL to invest in yourself.. to take time ‘to do the work’ on your self through personal and spiritual development.. because this brings the courage to make changes.. to have the courage to become your authentic self to realise from higher perspective what and who you are.

Because the best idea, business plan, dream or vision cannot be executed if you do not have the ability, inclination or follow through to take action!

The ONLY way to take action is to have gone within and worked on yourself releasing old patterns, beliefs and excuses!

We have for each stage in our lives opportunities to make big changes, allow transformation but we often feel safer to ‘stay as we are’.. to procrastinate.. (this can be years), and then this can bring in negativity or a sense of unfulliment often leading to depression or feeling low for long periods of time..

Worry just leads to analysing and often exhaustion, resenting others and comparing ourselves.. which is OLD energy. However this is chosen SUBCONSCIOUSLY to keep us ‘busy’ to not have to look at ourselves, do the work.. Go Within..

If we have done an element of work on ourselves, have an ability to trust our intuition we can recognise this as a pattern.. but again as the observer.. there is where we have the choice once again to verbalize plans or to take action.

THE ONLY way to move forward is to work on yourself and open up your intuition to follow your inner guidance.. that is ultimately ALL you need.. not answers from anyone else (although support is ALWAYS good), but to TAKE ACTION.

For those that resonate and feel ready then the HIGH dinension Awaken & Healing Programme 2020 holds space for you to work deeply on yourself..

It is ONLY for those that are ready to heal within and take action on choosing to make changes and live their truest most authentic life.. those who are wanting to work on themselves to find the courage and self confidence to trust their intuition and take action!

Namaste everyone – My soul honours your soul.

If you would like a chat about whether this programme is a good fit for you then contact me directly.

Tracee Cullen.x